We take on the hard work of cleaning out elders’ homes — sorting through a lifetime of priceless possessions, and the junk that accumulates over the years.


“We sort, we ship, we sell. We got this!”

— Amanda cogswell kirk, owner, Cogswell Estate Services, LLC


When it's time to empty a house, figuring out the keepsakes and heirlooms is the easy part (and we have name stickers to help with that.) But then there's a lot left to do, and it's often impractical for family members to take the time off work to go through everything that's accumulated over the years.

That's where we come in. We can sort through the contents of the house, dividing items into things to sell, things to donate and things to toss. We also can get the house ready for resale by overseeing necessary repairs.  

Cogswell Estate Services, LLC is there to make the entire process easier for you. We sort, we ship, we sell. We got this!

Free estimates. insured.

All details handled with privacy and respect.