Case Studies

Chapel Hill

Primary Residence


You'll find more details about this Elliott Road house on the Our History page, but there could not be a more challenging home to clean out than my mother's. She didn't like to throw things away, so there was a lot of junk. But she also had a habit of hiding cash and expensive jewelry in odd paces, so we couldn't just toss things before going through them carefully. 

There also were two massive antique marble lions that my stepfather had sent home from a trip to China. Finding a buyer and a shipper for these was quite an experience. 

Over the course of a few weeks, and with some help, I emptied this house of every single thing. Then we made a few important repairs and had the place painted before putting it on the market.   

It was purchased by a local couple with an awesome art collection and the wherewithal to renovate and restore this architectural icon.

Martha's Vineyard

Vacation home

 This summer house in Edgartown was used only a few weeks a year, but was like a museum of family heirlooms — fine antique furniture, walls of hardback books (many of them important first editions), oil paintings and the matriarch's museum quality needlework paintings.  When the owner decided to sell the house and buy a place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina instead, he wanted to make sure his adult children were able to have the things that mattered most.


Working from the owner's notes, I sorted, tagged and shipped a major truckload of items going to four different destinations in different parts of the country.  Keep in mind that the Vineyard happens to be an island accessible only by boat or plane. No bridges!



This condominium was purchased as a rental unit, but the owner used the basement (accessed by a separate entrance) for personal storage. When the owner decided to sell the unit, I managed some important upgrades to improve its resale value: replacing the stove and refrigerator; reglazing a large whirlpool tub that was an off-putting burgundy to make it white like the other fixtures; putting in vinyl plank flooring; and painting the walls and trim.   


I also helped the owner decide what to keep from the basement storage; packed up a few hundred murder mystery paperbacks and other items to donate for a tax credit; and went through a wall of tall filing cabinets, discarding most of the contents.