If you like acronyms, I’ve got several. I’m a PEL (Professional Estate Liquidator), PPM (Personal Property Manager, and an Associate of the American Society of Estate Liquidators.

Amanda Cogswell Kirk

Owner, Cogswell estate services, llc

I grew up in Chapel Hill and now live in Burlington. My father Arthur Cogswell was the architect for many homes in Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh, so I grew up around construction blueprints and home sites.

When my daughters were young, their dad and I had a home renovations company called Winston Creek Builders. I spent a decade in sales for a parenting magazine and worked in the insurance industry before deciding to open my own business.

What I have enjoyed most, in each chapter of my career, is  helping people get things done. 

Although I grew up in modern homes, I now live in a 1930s bungalow with my two teenage girls, three dogs and a cat — plus my mother in her cottage in the backyard.